Question to HF

    1. About the children

    How old are the children? What are their names?
    What do they like to do?
    What are their personalities like?
    What are their favourite games&toys?
    How far is the school from home? How do they get there?
    If the child is a baby, is she/he walking or taking yet?
    What is your approach to raising children?
    Do they like going to school? How are they doing at school?
    Do they like having an au pair? Do they get on well with she/he?
    Do they have any special needs?
    What about problems taht may occur while taking care of them eg. crying, putting to bed?
    Are they allergic to sth?
    What about playdates? How many children can come to visit your child?

     2. About the parents

    What is your profession?
    Why are you interested in hosting an au pair?
    What made you interested in my application?
    Have you had an au pair before?
    What are your hobbies?
    Do family members or relatives live nearby?
    Have you ever been overseas?
    Heve you ever been to e.g Poland?
    What qualities do you find important in an au pair?
    What is your lifestyle like-relaxed, active?
    How do you spend your weekends evenings? Do you often go out?
    How often would I be expected to babysit in the evenings?
    Are there other au pairs around?

     3. About your duties

    Will I be responsible for any household duties that relate to the children?
    What kind of activities will you expect me to do with the children?
    What will my schedule be like?
    Are there other duties you expect me to do?
    What kind of rules would you ask an au pair to follow?
    Will I be ecpected to work overtime?
    What would be the childcare arrangements during holidays? What am I expected to do with them?
    How many hours per day would I have for my own?
    What is the schedule of a typical day? What time do you go to work/come back home?
    Do children clean up after themselves or I am supposed to do it? Do they help with household duties?
    Do I wake up the children?
    How many days per week do you expect me to work?
    How many days will I have off? (weekends, fridays..)
    Will I be responsible for pets?
    Do you have a cleaning lady?
    Do you want me to cook for your family/children?
    Is there any curfew?

     4. About the area

    Tell me about the area where you live.
    Are there other families with children nearby? Are they friend of yours?
    What things are there to do with the children near your home?
    What kind of study opportunities are offered in your area?
    How far is the closest school I could go to?
    Is public transport available?
    How far is your home from the closest major city?
    Are there any sport centres there? Cinemas? Theatres? Clubs?

     5. Car/ accomodation/living arrangements

    Will I be allowed to drive your car? Can I use it in my spare time? Will I have to pay for the fuel/gas?
    Is there a need for a special driving licence in your state?
    Will I have my own room and/bathroom?
    What does is look like? Is it spacious? Is there any wardrobe, desk, bed?
    Will I have a TV set?
    What about the Internet? Can I use it? Am I to pay for using it?
    Can my family/ friends/other au pairs visit me at your home?
    Can I make a long distance phone calls? Will I have to pay for them?
    May I use stereo, TV, computer at any time? Are there any restrictions on computer and Internet use? Are children allowed to watch TV, play computer games?
    When we go out together as a family, should I pay for my entrance fees, meals?
    May my friend spend the night at your home?

      6. Additional questions

    What do I call you?
    Should I wash my own clothes and iron them?
    May I use the iron, washing machine at any time?
    May I use the family's bathroom toiletries( toothpaste, soap, shower gel) or am I responsible for purchasing my own?
    May I rearranged my room?
    Would you help me to find the right course? What will be the best time to attend the course?
    Will we go for a trips together?
    What time will meals be served? What do you usually eat? Do you follow any special diet? Can I prepare meals for me at any time?
    What if I become ill?
    May I open a bank account? Will you help me handle that?

Pytań nie wypisywałam sama, są wzięte ze strony jakiejś innej Au-Pair, ale niestety nie pamiętam której, bo miałam zapisane je na komputerze. :*

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  1. O widzisz. ;)) I się wyjaśniło czyje, hehe. ;) Niech sobie będą, może akurat się komuś przydadzą. :D :))