APiA Application

 Host Family Letter

Dear Host Family ,
       My name is Kamila Chorazyczewska. I am almost nineteen-year-old, cheerful girl and I live in Poland, in Zielona Gora ( in two-room flat in high-rise block). I have always wanted to have a huge family, unfortunately I have only one sister and of course both of parents. My family is the most important to me. What is more I love pets- I have a dog and a hamster. I am keen on cooking, spending time with children, and teaching them new things. My hobby is photography and swimming.
       First I tell you why I should be your Au-pair. I am cheerful, hard-working, helpful and sociable girl. In the past I was a girl scout for 4 years. That time caused that I am independent and resourceful now. I am tolerant, so color of your skin or religion which you practice is not any problem for me. I can promise I will care about your children like about my sister or cousins. What is more I can cook and I like this. So it will not be a problem for me making a breakfast or different meals.
I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I like spending time actively, so your children will not be bored with me. I can teach them how to swim or ride a bike, if they cannot yet. I am intelligent so I can help them with study and homework. In october 2011 I passed my driving licence exam. Thanks to my parents I know how make a friendly atmosphere at home. What is the most important, I love children and I have experience in bringing up them because I have three girls younger than me in my family.
       I will tell you about this. Let's start from the beginning. I have been waiting for a long time for some sibling. When I was seven, my dream was fulfilled - my little sister, Dominika, came into the world. That day I have started my adventure with children. The beginning was difficult, but in the course of time I have become better and better sister. Now Dominika is a big girl, she is eleven years old. She is a good friend. We spend together a lot of time. We go for walks with our dog (Ciapek - it is his name), go to the cinema, take the photos or go swimming. She knows that she can always count on me. We share a room, so it is no way that I could be selfish. Three years ago my cousin - Karolina was born, and one year later her sister - Michalina. They are really cute. I spend a plenty of time with them. I visit them almost every weekend. I lived in their house for a period exceeding three months, because their parents was renovating my flat. So afternoons I entertained them, bathed, prepared meals, fed and sang them to sleep. In the morning I helped their parents to wake them up, dress and feed. I saw first Michalina's footsteps. I was there, when they learned to speak. Last vacation I spent with them and their parents almost one month. This is experience with my family members, but I take care also of Piotrek (6,5 years now), who is son of my teacher. I pick him up from classes and preschool. We play games. In the evening, when his mom goes out, we watch some cartoons, I help him with bath and prepare food. His mom takes him for our class campfires. Then, he spends his time mostly with me because he is quite shy. Next child is Zuzia, a girl who is 5 years now. Her mother has known me since I was child. We lived in the same neighborhood. Zuzia's mom has a shop close to my house so when she goes to work I take Zuzia for a walk or to the playground, we go to her granparent's house, watch cartoons, paint a lot and talk. Of course, I can't miss Monia (she is 9). She is best friend of my sister so she is in our house really often. We go to the swimming pool ( 3 of us- she, my sis and I) :) We dance at home, paint, go for walks and shopping. From time to time we go to McDonald's.
      The year in the USA is definitely a huge chance for me and will be an unforgettable adventure. The U.S.A. is a country where I can meet people, who differ from me in a color of skin, behavior or religion. An advantage of this country are definitely the happy, optimistic people. During this year I can improve my English and do some eduacational courses ( it would look very good in my CV in the future). I can gain an unique experience. I am sure that contact with people, who live in other culture, will be interesting. I want to see a Thanksgiving with my own eyes, or real Halloween with a lot of pumpkins and children, who knock to my door saying "treat or trick" ( I think it is really cute) or Groundhog Day, which I have never seen before.
      I would like to go to the USA at the end of the May 2012 (immediately after my graduation). I am not looking for perfect family, I want to spend a nice time with cheerful people in a family atmosphere and improve my English. Now you have a little view in my life and me. So if you are interested in my person, contact me and ask about everything, what you want to know. I promise be a good Au-pair.
     I hope to hear from you soon,

Driving Letter  (dla Au-Pair, które mają prawo jazdy krócej niż 1 rok)

Dear Host Family,
     Since I have my driving license shorter than one year, I am writing to you to tell about my driving skills.
I have started my driving course in May 2011. I had 10 hours of theory and 30 hours of driving. After course I decided to buy extra 10 hours. So summing I have driven 40 hours.  During this course I have learnt to park, I was driving back, I was driving in the central part of city, in the suburbs, in the ways between cities. I am experienced in driving car with standard ("stick shift") transmission. I was driving in really diverse weather conditionals – during a sunny day, heavy rainy and in a dark.
     Passing driving license exam is very difficult in Poland. First of all is driving forward and back. If I do this task correct, I can go to a city. There I have to show how I drive, park a car and turn back. It takes minimum 40 minutes. If I force a right of way or go on yellow (or red) light, I fail an exam. I have passed my exam in October.
    I feel comfortable in the road traffic. I do not break the road traffic regulations. I am very careful driver. Now, I drive a few times in a week. I do not have my own car, but my grandmother lends her. I drive with grandparents and my sister.
    I hope it will help you. I am sure that I can take responsibility for your children when they drive with me in the car.
Kamila Chorazyczewska.

My Au-Pair Video (Moje jest dość przeciętne)




During my family 18-birthday ;) With Karolina 3 years and Misia 2 years

In a sandpit with my sis Dominika (10,5 years) and Karolinka (3 years) ;)

Z Misią- she was only 6 months. ;) It was during Christmas.

Last summer with Karolina (3 years).


With Karolinka- She was only 1 year old.